Disc Golf Park Dolní Morava

Disc Golf is a dynamically expanding outdoor activity suitable for everyone. The principle of Disc Golf is similar to regular golf. Instead of balls and golf clubs, Disc Golfer uses flying discs (Frisbee) that are available in various shapes and weight; hence, they have different flight characteristics.  The game kit consists of 3 disks marked P used for short distance throws, M for middle distance and D for long distance.  Each "hole" is determined by a tee pad, the place for the first throw and special equipment for catching the discs - Disc Golf basket.  The player that finishes the course with the fewest number of throws wins."   

Disc Golf Park is located nearby chalet U Slona

This game is very popular in Scandinavian countries and in the US and now you can also play it at Dolní Morava.  Great fun for a group of friends or a corporate event.  The course is situated on a meadow (ski run) next to the bobsled.  There are 12 baskets / holes installed on the course plus special baskets for children so that the whole family can play together. The 12-basket course will take you 90 minutes at most. It only depends on your skills.  You can pick up your scorecard at the U Slona chalet's information centre and rental. The scorecard contains an overview of the rules. You also borrow the discs there and you can start playing...

Price list

Frisbee bag for 1 - 4 personsScore card for 1 person
100 CZK30 CZK
  • deposit 500 CZK per each frisbee bag
  • frisbee bag rental is for 1 game, which is 12 baskets (aprox. 1-1,5 hours)



Attractive physical activity for everyone.


Special disc-catching device; equivalent of a golf hole; target to be reached.


Description of a specific hole placed at its start.


Big information board with a course map, rules extract and course par placed at the course entry.


Start of each individual hole; the spot for the first disc throw at each hole.


The flight path between TeePad and DisCatcher.

Course Par

Also the course norm; the number of throws that should be played on the course.


Card for keeping track of the scores.


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