Hiking and Mountain Biking

Discover the beauty of the local nature on foot or mountain bike. Our chairlift will take you to the Slaměnka chalet on the ridge; a starting point for a network of beautiful paved roads for mountain bikes or hiking trails to the whole area of the Kralický Sněžník mountain. Indulge yourself in the magnificent scenery of other Jeseníky peaks.  The marked hiking trails on the ridge will easily take you to the top of Kralický Sněžník, to Morava riverhead, to the Polish side of the ridge or as far as Hynčice and Staré Město pod Sněžníkem.

TIP for a family bike trip

From the top station of the chairlift at Slaměnka follow the blue hiking trail to Kralické Panorama lookout and from there continue on the paved road (route number 1 on the map) through a beautiful section contouring the hill and then down the hill back to Dolní Morava.  You can also ride your bike to the other side of the valley to Sklené and from there on paved roads and meadows or through Červený Potok back to Dolní Morava.

Discover the beauties of Dolní Morava surroundings and Kralický Sněžník massif on bike and on foot...
You can rent a bike at Marcelka Challet. At the same place you can obtain informations about all the marked routes and paths at Dolní Morava.

Challet Marcelka - Infocenter and Bike Rental, nex to the hotel Vista
Velká Morava 60, Dolní Morava
561 69 Králíky
GSM+420 602 378 150


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