Picnic and grill

Barbecue at Terezka challet

At the newly renovated Pension Terezka grew along with an outdoor court and playground also open fireplace. Challet guests and also other resort  visitors can use that place for roasting or grilling. Any time you get a taste of goodies from the grill, you do not have to weigh a circuitous route to the store. Staff of the Terezka challet will prepare all the materials needed for grilling directly on the spot and according to your wishes.

Dates: May to October
Contact for orders - Reception Terezka Challet: tel. +420 734 767 972

Picnic at the nature

Bring our already prepared picnic basket for a romantic walk, family meetings, chat with friends or simply relax in a wonderful nature of Kralický Sněžník valley. Picnic baskets can be picked up at Slaměnka cottage or at main reception of wellness hotel Vista. They are equipped with cutlery, plates, glasses and goodies from the chef himself. Just select the perfect place for a picnic.

Picnic set includes:
Picnic basket
Picnic dishes and glases (plates, cutlery, glasses drinks, cups for beverages)
Picnic Blanket
Garbage bag

Reservations and orders:
Picnic basket including items mentioned above will be loaned by refundable deposit in the amount of CZK 1,000.
Cottage Slaměnka - phone +420 469 771 586
Reception Vista - phone +420 469 771 111


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