Power Fan - freefall jump

Powerfan means both a very rapid descent from an elevation and a gentle landing.  The Powerfan is an intelligent device for adrenalin production that will safely release during the freefall without needing to deploy a parachute or strap your ankles to a bungee cord.  This is enabled by a fan mechanism that constantly and safely controls the fall.  Each participant wears a harness that is attached through a carabiner to a rope wound on a coil.  When a fearless participant steps off a platform in order to begin their descent; the rope is unwound from the coil and turns the fan.  The fan absorbs the energy of the descending person whilst ensuring a gentle landing on the ground.  The Powerfan is not driven by any engine and does not require an external power source.  Everything is driven only by the descending person.  The Powerfan is capable of controlling thousands of falls without major maintenance. There is also a counter to keep track of the number of descents and regulate servicing and maintenance schedules.

Who can jump?

Minimum age requirement is 6 years; maximum age is not directly set; it depends on participant's own judgment.  Minimum weight is 20kg and maximum weight is 120kg.

So, JUMP...

Price list

1 jump / 1 personEach other jump / 1 person1 jump / 2 personsEach other jump / 2 persons
120 CZK90 Kč240 CZK180 CZK
  • discounted price is valid only for each additional jump directly when first jump is finished


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