Ride the Pisten Bully

Are you fascinated by "dancing" grooming machines on snowy mountaintops?

  • At Dolní Morava relax & sport resort, you can experience yourself what it's like to ride the latest machine on the market today.
  • We will let you sit in the driver's cabin of grooming machine Pisten Bully 600 with an output of 400 horsepower and a six-cylinder engine from Mercedes Benz with a volume of 12,800 cubic centimeters. This beauty weighs 11 tons and is suitable for the preparation of moderate to steep terrains. You will also enjoy grooming on rope on the steepest black slope in the Czech Republic.
  • For this experience, we will also gladly issue a gift certificate for your friends or family!


Everyday in winter season at 18:00 PM in front od Marcelka challet or on arrangement.
Ride takes about 1 hour.


1 person (adult or child)..............990 Kč
2 persons (adult and child).......1 490 Kč


You can arrange your experience at Infocentrum Marcelka everyday at 8:00 - 17:00.
Tel: +420 602 378 150
E-mail: resort@dolnimorava.cz


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