Rope park Dolní Morava

The largest rope course in the Czech Republic is for everyone who likes fun, adventure, adrenalin and unforgettable moments.  Fun for individuals and groups. Perfect for families, kids, school groups or corporate teams.

Following an induction, participants set out for the selected route.  There are wooden platforms on each tree (or pole) so that climbers can overtake each other or have a rest. The obstacles alternate with various zip lines, jumps and swings that make the course interesting and fun. Participants have to ensure their own safety the whole time; using climbing equipment they clip in at the marked safety points. The descent is usually on a zip line landing on the ground or in a net. 
There are 80 high-rope obstacles where participants are attached to a lanyard for safety.  High-rope obstacles are divided into 5 independent circuits based on their difficulty from pink route for the smallest climbers to black route for the fearless where you get up to 13 meters high.  The pink route for the smallest climbers has the following obstacles: Tram, Spider, Hoard, Swamp, Small Sacks or Elephant's Feet.  In the blue circuit you will find obstacles such as the Broken Bridge, Unstable Ladder, Ladder Crossing, Maneuvers or Surfboards.  Another route is red with obstacles called Monkey Bridge, Double Straps, Broken Slippers, Horizontal Ladders and Trapeze.  On the green route you will find obstacles such as Tires, Lion Circles, Barrel, SK8 and Double Yard.  The most difficult route is black; it is designed for the best climbers with obstacles such as Shaolin, Scam, Single Rope or Jump.


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