Segway Adventure x2 rental

Super fun and experience! Segway ride attracts attention and is really enjoyable.

A great gift for your loved ones!

If you want to suprise your friends, give them a unique experience or just a ride on Segway. Take advantage of renting this smart carts and enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape in Dolní Morava.

Price list

OUR TIP! 10 minutes in front of chalet U Slona - 99 CZK

Time1 person
10 min99 CZK
30 min350 CZK
1 hour500 CZK
2 hours950 CZK

Groups rental

Time1 person2 persons3 persons4 persons
30 min350 CZK630 CZK840 CZK1050 CZK
 1 hour500 CZK900 CZK1200 CZK1500 CZK
 2 hours950 CZK1710 CZK2280 CZK2850 CZK


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