Single trails

Single trails at Dolní Morava - pure adrenaline in clean nature...

Downhill routes "Single trails" are increasingly popular not only among bikers, but also among the general public. These are one-way routes for mountin bikes. 

  • Last season, we have built 2 trails with total 4,7 km. In the comming seasons we plan to build more aditional routes.
  • As the official faces of the trails became a famous czech trial rider Petr Kraus and member of the Specialized team Tereza Votavová.
  • We regularly contribute their advice and ideas during construction and their manuscript can be found in more than one section of the trail.
  • For those who arrive at Dolni Morava without bikes, we offer a fully equipped rental service at the Tourist Information Centre Marcelka next to the hotel Vista****.  We offer variety of different  types of Specialized downhill and enduro bikes.


First line called "Rock trail" with its profile among the enduro trail, is wide enough to allow smooth and funny run to all types of bikers and lovers of mountain biking. You can find wooden bridges and paths, banked turns, waves and jumps, etc.. Bottom part of the line which starts at the upper station of the chairlift U Slona is designed for the smallest bikers from 10 years.

You can get up comfortably by chair lift Slamník and start the ride right at the top station. You can also freshen up yourself at mountain challet Slaměnka.

Rock trail:

The second line, called "Elephant trail" is intended primarily for smallest and novice bikers who want to try a simple waves. bumps and banked turns. It starts at the Wellness Hotel Vista and ends above the bottom station of the cable car U Slona. By Elephant trail you can reach the bobsleigh and other attractions that the local area has to offer, or you can head back to the hotel using a safe and comfortable road.

Elephant trail: 
  • length: 660 m
  • trail does not ascend or descend, it runs horizontaly
  • starts at the Vista**** wellenss hotel


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