Ski school in Dolní Morava ski resort

Learn to ski in SKI SCHOOL Dolní Morava. Do you have children, are you a beginner or an advanced skier who wants to improve? Our ski school is an ideal option for you. We offer both individual and group lessons. You and your children will be taught by professionals certified by Ministry of Schools, Youth and Sports.

Information on lessons

You and your children will be taken care of by professionals certified by Ministry of Schools, Youth and Sports. The situation and the slopes of the area makes it the ideal place for beginners and advanced skier. For beginners on the skis or on snowboards, the ideal place is the blue colour "U Slona" piste, for those who are more advanced, there are red and black pistes in the upper area of Sněžník chairlift.
  • Ski and snowboard lessons take place on all slopes of the area
  • For beginners are suitable both ski parks Kid Park I + Kid Park II with moving carpet, ski carousel and rope lifts with plenty of educative toys
  • In total the lessons take 4 hours a day, but you can choose less or more, depends on you
  • Individual or group lessons
  • Group lessons must be booked in advance
  • One lesson takes 55 minutes

Private lessons (1 - 2 persons)
Duration1 person2 persons
 2 h 990 Kč1 390 Kč
3 h1 290 Kč1 690 Kč
1 day1 490 Kč1 990 Kč

Group lessons (3 -10 persons)
DurationPrice for 1 person
2 h390 Kč
1 day590 Kč
 2 days990 Kč
  • On every single purchase of 3 or more lessons there is a 5% discount.
  • On every single purchase with Resort card = 10% discount.
  • Training lesson lasts 55 min.
  • Group lessons are held only in the fulfillment of the minimum number of three persons of the same proficiency.
  • 1 day training lasts for 4 hours (2h morning, 2h afternoon)
  • Discounts doesnt apply together.

Manner Kid Club

Every day (except Thursday) between 15.00-16: 30, takes place in Kid Park I. animation program on the snow for children. Under the guidance of animators will try to build an igloo, snowman, snowball fights and play a lot of other entertainment games on snow.  Always at 16.00 joins children our Mammoth which takes all good children to ride on the sleigh. 
  • Price:
  • 200 Kč / 1 children
  • guests accomodat at hotel Vista can join for free

Mammoth ski race for children

It is intended for the smallest skiers, who can try competitive spirit and measure their skills with other children.
Meet with our instructors at Kid Park I. and try, what you have learned!
  • Categories: younger children under 5 years of age and older from 5-8 years.
  • Place: Kid Park I.
  • Dates: 22.1.2015, 5.2.2015, 12.2.2015, 19.2.2015, 26.2.2015, 5.3.2015.
  • Registration:  Aprés ski bar in Kid Park I.
  • Start: 14:00
  • Price: 50 Kč / 1 kid 

First track - real gourmet skiing experience

Make your first track in the fresh corduroy before all the others!
You have to get up early, because the first seat towards the nirvana ski runs goes already in 7:30. The number of skiers is limited to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 "ski hedonists". Ski guide / instructor will be ready to advise and give a few remarks to your style. Together, then everyone will enjoy an exclusive breakfast with a glass of champagne in a cozy environment hut Slaměnka in 1116 m.a.s.l. with views of the surrounding ridges Kralicky Sněžník. Than you can enjoy all day skiing and wellness world in hotel Vista.
  • Includes:
  • skipass from 7:30 to 16:00
  • breakfast with champagne at cozy hut Slaměnka
  • guide / instructor from 7:30 to 9:00
  • Entrance into the wellnes world at hotel Vista
  • For children little gift : plushy Mammoth
  • Price: 
  • 1490 Kč / 1 person
  • 990 Kč / 1 person / guests accomodated at hotel Vista


Ride with our photographer, who will capture your turns in fresh corduroy,  waist-deep powder snow, flying in backflip or just on a deck chair with a drink. You will obtain your photos in printed od digital form. 
  • Price:
  • 390 Kč / 1 person

VIP lessons for serious skiers

Intended for advanced skiers who are not afraid to hear criticism of their ridin style, eliminating bad habits, perfecting exercise. You can also try a VIP test skis at rental. 
  • Race carving + VIP test rental skis
  • 2 hours with instructor
  • Price:
  • 1 290 Kč / 1 person


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