Stamichmann trail

Have you ever heard about a mysterious patron mountains Stamichmann? He is a mountain spirit around Králický Sněžník that inhabits the local hills. His hut is well hidden deep in the woods, but you will be able, thanks to the emerging route to visit model home in a life-size this autumn!


Stamichmann path representing in a funny way patterns of local mountains and forests, build in cooperation with Lesy ČR company for children and adults. Visitors will find 10 stops with wooden sculptures and interactive elements on which they will  be able to experience how nature works.

The trail connects with two kilometers long pleasant forest walk the area U Slona and wellness hotel Vista. At each of 10 stops can be found wooden statues, created by five carvers in wood sculpture symposium Stamichmann wood, which took place in July at the parking lot U Slona.


  • More information soon on our website
  • A nature trail built in cooperation with Lesy ČR for children and adults
  • A variety of habitats, explaining the patterns of life and the local mountains and forests
  • Guide trough all the trail will be Stamichmann himself


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