Berg Pedal Go-Karts

A Ride Enjoyable for the Whole Family

In our rentals we offer three types of pedal go-karts:

Buddy Orange – for children

  • You can optimize the comfort of the kart by the adjustable seat and steering wheel.
  • The freewheel makes it possible to go backwards and thus children can practice their driving skills.

Buzzy Fiat – for children

  • A stylish and elegant vehicle for the youngest children.
  • It helps them to learn how to control the pedalling and it is useful for preparing children for riding a bike.
  • The kart may be driven both forwards and backwards and the steering wheel as well as the seat are adjustable.

X-Cross BFR 3 – For adults

  • This orange kart with a spoiler and 3 gears allows you to enjoy a very comfortable ride due to its three-speed gearbox with automatic freewheel, which makes it possible to go forwards and backwords without having to remove your legs from the pedals.
  • This sporty pedal car with the BFR-3 system can be steered smoothly and it has an excellent stability and an adjustable seat.
  • You will definitely have a lot of fun with it. This go-kart is intended not only for children aged 5+, but also for adults.

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