Funline is about having fun on the snow...

  • The Funline amusement track  features banked curves and undulating terrain and there is an 8-metre-long tunnel at the end.
  • Funline combines features of some of the young Olympic disciplines such as boardercross, skicross or freestyle
  • The tracks are designed, constructed and maintained by an experienced team consisting of a park-designer, a groomer driver and a shaper who, on a daily basis, make sure that the track is in a perfect condition and is regularly innovated.
  • The Funline amusement track is to be found at the bottom part of the U Slona ski slope. It caters for both skiers and snowboarders of all age categories and performance levels.

A Course of World’s Top Class...

  • The main designer of the course is the Czech Olympic representative Emil Novák. The course is regularly shaped by experienced shapers.
  • The entire Czech boardercross representation also uses the course in Dolní Morava for its training. The resort offers them unique conditions due to its professionally built course and it regularly hosts boardercross and skicross competitions.
  • The skicross and boardercross course is located at the Ondráš ski lift in the U Slona resort. The Ondráš ski lift is situated directly next to the course and thus it is possible to train all day long without waiting or losing time by crossing other ski slopes.

Resort Partners

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