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Price list

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Infocentrum (Marcelka chalet)

Velká Morava 58, 561 69 Dolní Morava
Tel.: +420 602 378 150

Visitor Information

  • You can buy the entrance tickets at the cash desks in the Marcelka chalet or at the Sky Walk entrance.
  • The group and school prices are applicable only if you purchase the tickets on one receipt. The school group price is applicable only on the basis of a previously submitted and approved list of names of the pupils or children from the camping. One adult ticket per each ten children is free of charge.
  • In the cable line to the Sky Walk, you can transport bikes, perambulators, bike trailers and collapsible or standard wheelchairs within 50 kg. Should you need to transport anything else, please contact the Marcelka Info Centre at +420 602 378 150.
  • No dogs or other animals may enter the Sky Walk. Your pets can wait for you in the special boxes for animals, which are next to the cash desks at the entrance.
  • You can enter the Sky Walk with your ski boots only if you wear special covers, which you can borrow at the entrance. 

Don’t be scared to go to the Sky Walk on a wheelchair...

  • A wheelchair (both a standard or a folding one within 50 kg) may be transported by the summer chairlift – you only need to ask the chairlift staff or at the Marcelka Info Centre +420 602 378 150.
  • The access to the Sky Walk is barrier-free – all you need to do is follow the wooden path to reach the sky and then just enjoy the far-stretching views of the landscape below you.

With dogs on the Sky Walk...

  • Dogs and other animals are forbidden on the Sky Walk.
  • There are special boxes for them at the cash desks next to the entrance so they can wait for you there.

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