Stamichman’s Educational Trail

  •  It is intended especially for families with children but it will be interesting also for other visitors of Dolní Morava. The trail connects the parking site at the bottom station of the U Slona chairlift and the Marcelka Info Centre at the bottom station of the Sněžník chairlift.
  • At the 10 stations spread along an approximately 800-metre long forest trail, you will meet Stamichman the mountain spirit and you will learn many interesting facts about the forest and its inhabitants.
  • Apart from the interactive elements and panels showing the Stamichman’s story there are wooden sculptures at each station.
  • At the station titled “How Stamichman met chamois“, children will find a wooden hide for hunters and they will learn what the difference between animal horns and antlers is.
  • Station no. 3 titled “How Stamichman built stone caves” features, apart from two sheltered sets of benches, a model of a cave made of stones collected by farmers when farming their mountain fields.
  • The other stations focus on mountain flora, mushrooming or information on how to behave in a forest.

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