Kick Scooters

Where Do the Kick Scooters Come From?

Scooters have a long tradition. In Finland and Sweden, there were snow kick scooters as early as in the first half of the 19th century. The snow scooters were developed from sledge propelled by the driver’s leg (similar to dog sled). Some 150 years later, as a result of various modifications, the snow scooter gave birth to the present-day kick scooter as its summer alternative.

Kick-Scooter Rentals

Kickbike Fatmax Scooters

  • The scooter rental is situated at the top exit station of the Sněžník chairlift.
  • We recommend taking the panoramic trail (the red-marked biking trail), which is 15 km long and brings you back to the valley of Dolní Morava, where you give the scooter back at the Marcelka rental at the bottom station of the Sněžník chairlift.
  • The trip takes about 1.5 hours.

Contact Details

Marcelka Rental

Tel.: +420 602 378 150


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