Single Trails

  • Single Trails are increasingly popular not only among advanced bikers but also among the general public. These are one-way, usually downhill biking trails suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike.
  • To reach the starting point of the local single trails comfortably, take the Sněžník chairlift and, if you have the Resort Card, you will get a 50% discount for each purchase.
  • The official patrons of the trails at Dolní Morava are Petr Kraus, the most well-known Czech trail rider, and Tereza Votavová, a member of the Specialized team. They both regularly contribute by giving advice and supplying ideas for the construction of the trails, adding their signature features to a number of them.

Contact Details

Infocentrum (Marcelka chalet)

Tel.: +420 602 378 150


A Rocky Trail

  • Length: 4 km
  • The initial and the maximum altitude: 1099 m
  • The final and the minimum altitude: 752 m
  • Descent / difference in altitude: 347 m

Given its profile, the trail called the Rocky Trail (“Skalní trail”), would qualify as an enduro trail, but its width make it accessible to all bikers and mountain bike enthusiasts. The trail features wooden bridges, banked curves, terrain undulations etc. The bottom part of the trail that begins at the top station of the U Slona chairlift is adjusted for children aged 10+.

  • You can reach the starting point comfortably by taking the chairlift. The trail starts directly at the chairlift top station.
  • Before the ride, you can have some refreshment in the Slaměnka mountain chalet.

It is in the interest of us all to maintain order and abide by the rules for movement of persons in the National Nature Reservation areas. Please do not leave any trash, do not disturb animals and move only along the marked trails and paths. We will be glad to provide you with maps and all necessary information at our Marcelka Info Centre.

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