The Little Mammoth’s Water Park

The First Water Park of its Kind

in the Czech Republic

All features of the park are interactive and the visitors may try them, regulate them, touch them or twist them.

At the upper part of the park, water trickles in small creeks that ramify and create branches that may be regulated by small water gates, some disappear below the surface and others propel mill wheels. The creeks flow into a small river, which connects the whole park, brings water into other parts of the park and flows into a paddle pool.

The small river brings water into troughs, water gates and wooden barrels where you can experiment with small wooden boats.

The park features a host of interesting fixtures and machines, which you can try out and explore on your own – the Tirol Dam, the Lost Wheel, the Power Plant, the Hammer, Archimedes, Irrigation and others.

The Little Mammoth’s night adventure

The summer evening programme in the Little Mammoth's Water and Forest experience park in the spirit of a magical land and its creatures

  • evening adventure for children
  • magical creatures from the forest and water world
  • The Little Mammoth’s Water Park in the lights of stars and lanterns

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