Children´s FUN parks


Both younger and older children will enjoy lots of fun - all in one place. Nothing will take your imagination out of your head here and pure unforgettable fun awaits you!

Little Mammoth's Puddle with a Playful River

  • Wooden rafts for an adventurous voyage through the Mammoth Puddle, which will test the balance and strength of every sailor.
  • The captain's cabin, safely accessed by a wooden bridge, offers a perfect overview of what is happening in the puddle.
  • The 52-metre-long river with ankle-deep water offers pleasant refreshment not only for the little ones.

A water paradise that will refresh and relax you

  • Water springing from a stream at the top of the park finds its way across the water playground.
  • You can experiment with the flow of the water and determine the water's path with troughs, sluices and mill wheels.
  • The playground elements are interactive and you'll also find a range of interesting equipment and machines (Tyrolean weir, Lost Wheel, Power Station, Bukhara, Irrigation and more). 

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A forest kingdom for fun without boundaries

  • Fairytale tree houses full of fun, games and lessons.
  • Try out the tallest treehouse, reached via a rope bridge and climbing tunnel, then enjoy a ride down the giant slide!
  • Explore the "Wilderness Shelter" and learn the basics of surviving in the wild, or run the Tarzan Trails and explore the interactive playroom and Little Chef's Hut.

Children's rope park with a buffet under the Giant Mammoth

  • Children as young as 4 years old will enjoy the rope park and will be able to explore safe rope obstacles, tunnels, slides, walkways and wooden huts.
  • The wooden obstacles and houses are fixed on tall trunks in the shade of the treetops but also in the open space.
  • In direct proximity, you will also find a rest area with pleasant seating, refreshments and sanitary facilities. 

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Dip your feet in the sand and discover the world

  • Experience the atmosphere of a true Western with buildings that look like something out of a Western movie. You can explore the buildings using a net, climbing wall, ladder or slide

  • You can also embark on an archaeological dig from the time of the mammoth hunters with the help of working tools for little archaeologists. Can you dig up a whole mammoth skeleton?


  • You'll even find a sand train that transports sand along the tracks to sand conveyors, where you can work with it using buckets and lifting systems
  • You can try your hand at panning for gold in the wooden vats and become a small gold miner for a while. 

  • If you get a little tired of life in the Wild West, take a ride on the carousel and swing or make animal tracks out of sand

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A giant furry friend oversees the fun

  • A huge interactive attraction for children in the form of a 13-metre-high mammoth is a dominant of Dolní Morava, being simultaneously the largest model of a mammoth in the whole world!
  • Mammoth not only looks great but also educates and entertains on two floors.
  • Visit the interior of the mammoth using the spiral staircase located in the front legs of the mammoth or use a more adventurous path including ludic hitches leading through one of the back legs of the mammoth.
  • The right back leg of the mammoth hides a challenge of a climbing chimney equipped with a rope. The left back leg of the mammoths incites you to climb up a climbing wall including a climbing chimney with seven rubber belts.
  • The second ludic storey invites you into a real “primeval forest of games” which includes fallen wooden poles, tunnels, rope lianes and also a cave which echoes the authentic roar of a mammoth
  • Enjoy the bonus of a mammoth ride on the 24-metre long toboggan and repeat your adventurous journey using for example the other leg of the mammoth.
  • There’s plenty of mammoth experiences.


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Tickets to Mammoth Parks are valid for single entry only (1x entry to Mammoth Water and Forest Park, 1x entry to Sand World for each paid person).

Dogs are not allowed in the Mammoth Adventure Parks regardless of size.

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