Experience the ride on the bobsleigh track which has no parallel in the Czech Republic.


You can expect an adrenaline ride in the length of 3 kilometres across the forest terrain and open plains.

With a 364 meter elevation difference, you enter 25 lightning-fast turns, a 360° turn 12 metres above ground, a figure eight loop, an underground tunnel in the length of 24 metres, and you swing on 4 great jumps above forest paths.

During the ride on the track of mammoth sizes with a slope of up to 30%, you obtain the speed of up to 50 km/h, and that´s quite a ride.

The longest coaster in the Czech Republic, and the second longest in Europe​

Lenght 3 kilometres
Elevation difference 364 metres
Maximum speed 50 km/h
Experience elements

25 turns, 360° turn, figure-eight loop, underground tunnel in the length of 24 metres, 4 swings and infinite terrain waves

The bobsleighs are double, but the ride can be done by one person separately (paid for each person, not for the bobsleigh).

Children from the age of 3 can ride one bobsleigh with their parents (they must have their own ticket).

From the age of 8 and at the same time a height of 135 cm, the child can ride alone.

On Alpine Coaster it is possible to take a one-way ride up (alternative to cable car transport) or a one-way ride down.

The maximum load capacity of the beans is 150 kg.

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