Adrenaline Park

The ropes course 

  • Choose from 5 routes of varying difficulty from the blue route for intermediate to the black route for rope experts.

  • You can also try the adrenaline circuit with rope crossings and your children can go on the children's circuit.

  • Before you head for the heights, our instructors will explain everything to you and you can try out the movement in the rope park for real on the test circuit (simulator).

  • Programme duration: simulator + route in the rope park 1 - 2 hours, children's circuit 10 - 20 minutes.

Adrenaline park

  • You may enjoy adventure at a height of 14 metres also on the adventurous tower.
  • This is the base for a climbing wall, powerfan free-fall jump, double big swing and Bag Jump.

​Climbing wall

  • Two walls of the tower are made as a climbing wall with grips, which is suitable for a high-quality training for experienced climbers as well as those who just want to try it.

Double Big Swing

  • It is a huge swing for one or two persons and it will let you go down from an elevation of 13 metres. Once you are secured, you hold yourself tightly and then off you go.


  • Powerfan lets you experience a free-fall jump with a rapid descent and a soft landing. This is due to a mechanism with a fan that continuously and safely controls the fall. 

Bag jump

  • Overcome your fear of heights and climb to the platform where you will free fall into a soft air cushion. 
  • You can choose to jump from two height levels - 4 or 8 metres.
  • The minimum age for the 4 metre jump is 10 years old, and for the 8 metre jump 16 years old (for safety reasons, you must start from the 4 metre jump and then the 8 metre jump).

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