Adrenaline Park

The ropes course 

  • The ropes course is one of the largest in the Czech Republic.
  • It caters for everybody who likes to have fun, adventure, adrenaline and unforgettable moments.
  • It can be enjoyed by individuals, families with children, school groups and groups of employees.


Adrenaline park

  • The climbing wall & ropeway at Dolní Morava is an impressive 14-metre tall wooden tower dominating the ropes course.
  • It is an ideal platform for Powerfan, Big Swing and the 400-metre long ropeway. 
  • This attractive ropeway will bring you from the tower over the ski slope and then through the forest to the ropes course site. Two walls of the tower are made as a climbing wall with grips, which is suitable for a high-quality training for experienced climbers as well as those who just want to try it.
  • One of the attractions of the adrenaline tower is the Double Big Swing. It is a huge swing for one or two persons and it will let you go down from an elevation of 13 metres. Once you are secured, you hold yourself tightly and then off you go.
  • Powerfan lets you experience a free-fall jump with a rapid descent and a soft landing. Powerfan is a smart device generating adrenaline, which your body is bound to produce while experiencing the free fall without having to open a parachute or being tied by your leg to a bungee cord. This is due to a mechanism with a fan that continuously and safely controls the fall. The participant wears a harness, which is locked by a carabiner into a rope wound around a spool. Thus prepared, the daredevil steps out into nothing and falls, while the rope unwinds from the spool, simultaneously starting the fan. The fan absorbs the energy from the falling person and at the same time ensures a smooth landing on the ground. Powerfan is not run by a motor and does not need a power source. The energy is obtained from the fall of the person.

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