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The summer chairlift will bring you to the crest to the Slaměnka chalet, which is a focal point of a network of beautiful hiking trails and routes.


Králický Sněžník 1 424 m above sea level, 9-11 km (way there)

An Option with the Chairlift

We recommend taking the Sněžník chairlift, which will help you overcome a significant difference in altitude. From the Slaměnka chalet you can take the blue and the green-marked trail on the crest, which, shortly before the peak, merges into the yellow-marked trail. This route is 11 km long. To go back to the valley, take the 9-km yellow educational trail, which is the shortest.

An Option without the Chairlift

Starting at the Vista wellness hotel, pass the ropes course and go towards the parking site. There will be a sharp left turn where you will see the signpost. Take the blue-marked biking trail, which will bring you to the blue-marked hiking trail leading to the very top of Králický Sněžník.

The name of this third highest Czech mountain range, Králický Sněžník, reflects two facts. Firstly, that it is situated near the town of Králíky, and secondly, that snow remains on the top for a long time (the word Sněžník is derived from the Czech word for snow – sníh). 

The Spring of the Morava river, 9-11 km (way there)

The Morava river begins below the peak of Králický Sněžník and it is often considered the artery of Moravia. And yet, it neither begins, nor terminates in the historic region of Moravia. The river flows through the northern, central and southern Moravia before it flows in the Danube river below Děvín in Slovakia. They say that Morava has as many springs here as there are days in one year.


The Klepý View Tower, 7 km (way there)

Built in 2009, the Klepý view tower is a well-known view tower on the Czech-Polish border on the Klepý peak. You will see amazing views into the landscape. The entrance to the view tower is free of charge and you reach it by taking the red-marked hiking train from the Pod Klepáčem parking site. To reach the parking site from the U Slona resort, turn from the main road in the direction Horní Morava before the Na Rozcestí chalet.


The Králíky Fortified Sector

The fortified zone between Maliník and Zemská brána is included in the Králíky Fortified Sector (KPO) project. It was one of the most heavily fortified sections of the border of the Czechoslovak Republic before WWII. KPO is an area with the highest concentration of remains of the Czechoslovak fortification system from 1935-1938. Explore the history of this interesting place and visit the local museums and monuments while hiking in a beautiful nature.

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