Mammoth Alpine Coaster

Experience the ride on the bobsleigh track which has no parallel in the Czech Republic.


You can expect an adrenaline ride in the length of 3 kilometres across the forest terrain and open plains.

With a 364 meter elevation difference, you enter 25 lightning-fast turns, a 360° turn 12 metres above ground, a figure eight loopan underground tunnel in the length of 24 metres, and you swing on 4 great jumps above forest paths.

During the ride on the track of mammoth sizes with a slope of up to 30%, you obtain the speed of up to 50 km/h, and that´s quite a ride.

The longest coaster in the Czech Republic, and the second longest in Europe​

Lenght 3 kilometres
Elevation difference 364 metres
Maximum speed 50 km/h
Experience elements

25 turns, 360° turn, figure-eight loop, underground tunnel in the length of 24 metres, 4 swings and infinite terrain waves


How to get to the Mammoth Alpine Coaster? 

  • Mammoth Alpine Coaster can be found in the area of Sněžník with the boarding station at Sněžník chairlift.
  • TIP Ride on the Alpine Coaster is designed as a junction (interchange) at the upper station. You can enjoy a one-way ride in a bobsled upwards, downwards, or a ride there and back without limitation.

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