Bobsleigh Track U Slona

Experience an adrenaline rush on the bobsleigh track

  • Get into the bobsled, buckle up and enjoy a relaxing ride with views of the surrounding snowy landscape on the way to the start.
  • Then just get ready for a great ride down a length of just over 1 kilometer on a zigzagging track that will give you as much experience as you allow the speed.
  • The bobsled is a two-seater, two adults can ride on one bob, but you can also enjoy the ride alone.
  • The bobsleigh track can be found in the U Slona area and is open all year round.


  • Bobsled is a two-seater – it can be ridden by 1 adult, an adult with a child or 2 adults.
  • Children can ride alone on the bobsled track from a height of 120 cm (for safety and control of the bobsled).

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