Ski Slopes and Chairlifts

Current operation of ski slopes

Operation Title Difficulty Length [m] Vertical distance [m] Artificial snow Night skiing
1 - Ondráš 600 110 ano ne
1a - Velký Slon 1200 293 ano ne
1b - Malý Slon 700 140 ano ne
2 - Sněžník A 1200 369 ano ne
2a - Kamila 600 140 ano ano
3 - Sněžník B 1750 369 ano ne
4 - Slamník 600 120 ano ne
5 - Spojovací cesta 2500 303 ano ne
7 - Dětský ski park Amálka 200 70 ano ne
8 - Vyhlídková 1050 165 ano ne
Crossová trať

Area Sněžníkareal-sneznik

Area U Slonaareal-u-slona

  • A total of 8 ski slopes of all difficulty levels measuring 10.4 km

  • 2 four-person chairlift (Sněžník and U Slona)

  • 2 T-bar lifts (Ondráš and Kamila)

  • 1 Poma lift (Slamník)

  • the Amálka ski park for children

  • 100 % snow guarantee

SNOW TRAILS in the U Slona area

  • FUN TRAIL - the fun amusement track  features banked curves and undulating terrain and there is an 8-metre-long and 12-metre-long tunnel at the end.
  • CROSS TRAIL - professionally built course which regularly hosts boardercross and skicross competitions.
  • JUMP TRAIL - offers several platforms one after the other, featuring a number of jibs and jumps for beginners and advanced riders alike.

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Wide range of restaurants and also Après ski bars situated right on the slopes


Area Sněžník
(at the Vista Wellness Hotel)

Skalka Restaurant

Slaměnka Restaurant

Marcelka Restaurant

Hříbek Après-ski bar

Area U Slona
(at the U Slona Chalet)

U Slona Restaurant

Terezka Pizzeria

U Slona Après-ski bar

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