Get ready for a unique moment, where you will find yourself 95 metres above a deep mountain valley. The 721-metre long footbridge will take you from one mountain ridge to another. It will take some courage to cross the bridge, but we guarantee a unique experience that you will never forget.

  • 1 longest in the world
  • 721 m longest suspension bridge
  • 95 m above ground level


  • 721 metres | the longest suspension bridge
  • 95 metres | the highest point above ground level
  • 1,110 - 1,116 metres | the highest point above sea level
  • 6 main supporting ropes and 60 wind ropes of various diameters
  • 360 tonnes | the tractive force of each of the 6 main ropes
  • 1.2 metres | the width of the walkway
  • 2 km | the length of the educational trail “The Bridge of Time” with elements of augmented reality
  • 2 years | the time it took to build the bridge

Sky Bridge 721 is not just a structure. It is a bridge that conveys the “idea of time”.

Crossing the bridge over the majestic valley of the Mlýnský Stream gives all visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the local countryside and history through an educational trail called “The Bridge of Time”. It includes a unique game with elements of augmented reality.

Leave behind a footprint that will not disappear any time soon


  • an absorbing story against the backdrop of the Czech Republic’s real history

  • a unique script, custom recorded scenes and interactive reality on your phone’s display

  • an undemanding 2-kilometre walk and about an hour of your time

Game length - 60 minutes | Variants: for adults / for children

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Educational trail “The Bridge of Time”

An integral part of the educational trail is a light fortification construction (colloquially known as a “řopík”) at the beginning of the game,  where visitors continue along a 2-kilometre long trail with educational panels. A total of 8 educational panels and a connected interactive game with tasks are thematically and chronologically ordered so that, after an undemanding walk along marked routes taking about one hour, every visitor will return to the present. That is, back to the starting point by the Slaměnka lodge.

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A game with elements of augmented reality

Sky Bridge 721 will transport visitors from the present into the past to the period between 1938 and 2021. An engaging story is told by a 16-year-old boy who, against the backdrop of real events in our country’s history and reality connected with the local countryside and region, discovers answers and hidden truths in his own family from Dolní Morava. A unique script, custom recorded video scenes and an interactive reality on your phone’s display transform a simple trip to the ridge of Chlum Mountain into something extraordinary.

Wanna play?

  • To play, you will need an ordinary smartphone (supporting GPS with Android or iOS), the downloaded app GEOFUN, and access to the internet.

  • The game will activate itself automatically at the first educational panel on the trail.

  • Then just listen to your hero, who will guide you through the whole story.



How do I get to Sky Bridge 721?  

You will find the entrance to Sky Bridge 721 by the upper station of the Sněžník chairlift and you can get there by chairlift or on foot.  

The way across Sky Bridge 721 is ONE WAY and after exiting the bridge, it will take you back to the entry point along the Bridge of Time Educational Trail.

The total trip length 1.5 hours (Sky Bridge 721 + Educational Trail + game)

The route

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