A Sand World

A unique fun park on the sand

  • WILD WEST – The School, the Station, the Jail, the Mining and the Saloon huts. The huts can be reached through a climbing net, a climbing wall or a ladder, while a slide will bring you down. There is a railway with trains transporting sand.
  • BIG ARCHEO – Explore archeologic remains and a mammoth’s skeleton. Available are archaeologist’s working tools such as shovels, trowels and brushes.
  • FREE ARCHEO – Carved artefacts dating from the period of mammoth hunters – a javelin, a necklace, a jar, a human bone, a statue and a flint.
  • ANIMAL FOOTPRINTS – you can make various animal footprint in the sand.
  • SMALL SAND SET – A bucket for carrying sand, a sand conveyor, funnels for sand and a working table for those who like to play with the sand.
  • BIG SAND SET – A sand conveyor, buckets for sand and, most importantly, a true sand train running along a rail track.
  • GOLD – Panning for gold and gems. Here you can really try it!

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