Forrest Adventure Park

A unique adventure park in the midst of a forest with magic forest houses in the treetops and many attractions for children.

  • Sitting on trees at various heights, the four fairy-tale houses cater for children of all age categories. The “Playroom” is suitable for children as young as 3 years. There, they can have fun and experiment with interactive games and tools. The “Hut”  features a working table with tools for small artisans and DIY men and a kitchen with dishes for small cooks.
  • Bigger children who are not afraid can venture to the “Hide in the Wild”, where they can learn about rules for surviving in nature. The last house, which is highest in the tree, can only be reached by the bravest children, as they have to overcome a rope bridge or a climbing tunnel. But it is worth it as there is a huge spiral slide to bring you down! On the ground and in the air there are connecting suspended footpaths, stud trails or a system of flying lianas. Thus, small Tarzans and acrobats will find their paradise.
  • After a long day full of games and experiences, you can have rest in the hammocks or swings of various sizes.

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