Large mammoth

The largest mammoth attraction in the world has been built in Dolní Morava

  • A huge interactive attraction for children in the form of a 13 metre high mammoth is a dominant of Dolní Morava, being simultaneously the largest model of a mammoth in the whole world!


  • The mammoth’s height – 13 metres
  • The mammoth’s length, including its trunk – 31.5 metres
  • The lenths of the mammoth’s trunk with the toboggan inside – 24 metres

Our giant mammoth educates and entertains you on its two storey

  • The first educational storey uses a ludic and original way to give its small visitors funny or interesting facts about the life of mammoths they haven’t known about.
  • Visit the interior of the mammoth using the spiral staircase located in the front legs of the mammoth or use a more adventurous path including ludic hitches leading through one of the back legs of the mammoth.
  • The right back leg of the mammoth hides a challenge of a climbing chimney equipped with a rope. The left back leg of the mammoths incites you to climb up a climbing wall including a climbing chimney with seven rubber belts.
  • The second ludic storey invites you into a real “primeval forest of games” which includes fallen wooden poles, tunnels, rope lianes and also a cave which echoes the authentic roar of a mammoth

From the primeval forest full of fun through the mammoth’s trunk right back to the ground

  • The fastest and the most entertaining way how to get back on the ground and back to the present moment is the toboggan hidden in the trunk of this giant mammoth.
  • Enjoy the bonus of a mammoth ride on the 24-metre long toboggan and repeat your adventurous journey using for example the other leg of the mammoth.
  • There’s plenty of mammoth experiences.

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