Ski Parks for Children

The Amálka ski park for children

  • The Amálka ski park for children is situated at the bottom part of the B ski slope next to Aprés ski Hříbek.
  • The site is separated from the rest of the ski slope and it is suitable for making the first steps on skis and snowboard.
  • You can book your lessons with an instructor in our ski school. 

Equipment of the Amálka children’s ski park

  • Children’s Poma lift 120 m long
  • Conveyor belt with two-side exit
  • Children’s ski carousel
  • Slalom features
  • Teaching aids

Baby ski park

  • Baby Ski Park is situated between the starting station of the Sněžník chairlift and the Amálka ski park for children.
  • It is intended for children aged 0-4 years.
  • You can book your lessons with an instructor in our ski school

Equipment of the baby ski park

  • Conveyor belt with an exit
  • Conveyor belt for transporting people to Apres ski Hříbek
  • Slalom features

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