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What are the current opening hours of the cable car and adventures?


Where can I find a price list and how do I purchase tickets at the lowest prices?

  • You can always find the current price list at The best way to shop online is at our e-shop
  • You can get the lowest price by purchasing with registration (entering your personal information and email to register for the Resort Card loyalty programme).
  • Purchased tickets with a QR code will be sent to your email and you can take them straight to the turnstile.


Is it possible to refund purchased but unused tickets?

  • Purchased tickets cannot be refunded for any reason except in one case.
    • Tickets can be returned if an obstacle arises on the operator's part and it is not possible, according to the applicable regulations, for the Dolní Morava Mountain Resort to allow access to the attraction you have purchased.
  • Illness or bad weather is not a reason for refunding the paid admission.
  • All claims are considered individually according to the applicable operating rules and terms and conditions available at


Is it possible to change the date on my ticket if I am unable to arrive on the date for which I have purchased a ticket for any reason?

  • Yes, it is possible if you buy online at our e-shop with registration at
  • When purchasing with registration, you can change the date on your purchased tickets in your profile for selected fares within the timeframe that is normal for purchasing these experiences in advance.
    • Changing the date is done after logging into the e-shop in the "My orders" section - you can change the whole order or each ticket separately.


I want to buy tickets on the e-shop but I don’t see an available date in the calendar?

  • Tickets go on sale in the e-shop at specific times in advance.
  • The purchase date is available at least 14 days in advance. If the purchase is not possible even on this date, the date is sold out or the adventure is closed on that day.


Where can I park?

  • Car parking is available in all car parks P1 – P7, which are at varying distances from the chairlift station that takes you to Sky Bridge 721, the Sky Walk and the Mammoth Alpine CoasterThe entrance to all three experiences is located at the exit station of the chairlift. 
  • In peak seasons, parking is organised by the parking attendants.
  • All car parks are paid with free parking for 30 minutes.
  • For a parking map, electric vehicle charging stations and directions including parking fees, please visit .


Is it possible to park a caravan or motor home at the resort?

  • All car parks prohibit the entry and parking of motor homes, caravans and coaches as well as camping and overnight stays.
  • Camper parking is only possible at the marked parking lot for motorhomes and caravans upon arrival at the Dolní Morava Mountain Resort. Parking and camping for motorhomes and caravans can be found 200 meters in front of the P1 parking lot. Operator: Operator: Petr Vrzal +420 602 456 310. Camping with camper vans is offered by Autocamp Zátiší.


I want to visit Sky Bridge 721, how do I plan my trip from parking, to getting on the bridge, to getting back to my car?

  • Please allow 2 HOURS to get from the car park to the bridge entrance (parking, transfer to the cable car, cable car transport or walk to the bridge entrance gate).

  • The most convenient way to get to the 721 Sky Bridge is by Sněžník chairlift. There is also a hiking trail to the bridge, which is 3.7 km long and will take you less than 90 minutes.

  • The route over Sky Bridge 721 is ONE-WAY. After crossing the bridge, the 2 km long "Bridge of Time" nature trail awaits you. This circuit, together with the bridge crossing, will take approximately 60-90 minutes and will lead you back to the bridge entrance point.

  • The bridge is TWO-WAY during the winter season. After reaching the end of the bridge, you will return the same way to the point of entry. Entry is possible with normal shoes and ski boots.

  • The bridge is open in all weather conditions (rain, wind, fog...) except during a storm, during which access to the bridge is prohibited. For up-to-date information on the bridge's opening hours, click here.


What is the approximate time of entry to Sky Bridge 721?

  • Entry to the bridge is capacity-limited and controlled according to orientation times. This time does not apply to boarding the chairlift, but only for the actual entry to the bridge.
  • Your ticket will include the date and time you selected to enter the bridge when you purchased it. Please try to keep to this entry time. This makes it possible to evenly distribute the number of visitors over time and thus enable all visitors to have a pleasant experience. The time spent on the bridge itself is not limited.
  • During the winter season and off-season, the bridge is open according to operating hours without restrictions on a specific time - i.e. you only select a specific date of visit without an approximate time.

What happens if I don’t make it on time?

  • If you miss your selected time or arrive earlier, it is not a problem; it is also possible to use the ticket for a later entry to the bridge, but this may increase the length of your visit.


What does the one-time entrance fee to Children´s FUN Parks mean?

  • Within the ticket each paid person has only one full-day admission to Children´s FUN Parks.
  • Full day admission = 1 x Mammoth Water Park + Forest Adventure Park + Giant Mammoth and 1 x Sand World – approx. 50 metres away from the other parks.

Can I go back to the parks if I leave them?

  • Once you pass through the turnstile out, it is not possible to visit the parks again.


What does way up and down mean on the Mammoth roller coaster?

Should I buy both or just one?

  • The Mammoth roller coaster offers a one-way ride up, which is an alternative to the chairlift. If there is a queue for the chairlift, it is possible to use the same ticket purchased for the chairlift to ride the Mammoth Alpine Coaster upwards. At the top station you have to get off and re-board for the ride down.
  • We recommend buying tickets for the ride down at the top station according to the current traffic. Visitors waiting at the upper boarding station for the Mammoth Alpine Coaster always have priority boarding.


How can I purchase a gift voucher and how can I redeem it?

  • Gift vouchers can only be purchased on the resort’s website at You can choose an experience voucher or a stay voucher.
  • You can redeem it at the customer service centre at the Sněžník chairlift station, where the staff will exchange it for a ticket for the selected adventure. Any unpaid balance must be paid on the spot. 

How can I book a spot with an orientation time when I enter Sky Bridge 721?

  • The approximate time of entry can be booked on the spot when exchanging the gift voucher for a ticket to Sky Bridge 721 according to the currently available approximate times.

Is it possible to extend its due period?

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. Gift vouchers cannot be extended.


Can I pay with a foreign credit card?

  • We only accept cash in Czech crowns (CZK) at all our cash desks. All cash desks accept foreign payment cards: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club, Discover.

Is it possible to use a foreign credit card also in the e-shop?

  • It is possible to pay with foreign payment cards also in the e-shop.


Can I visit the resort and adventures with my dog?

  • Dogs are not allowed on Sky Bridge 721, the Sky Walk and Children´s FUN Parks without exception (dog in backpack/bag/arms).
  • There are dog kennels under the entrance to the Sky Walk where dogs can wait for you.
  • Dogs can be transported on the chairlift, but not on the Mammoth Alpine Coaster or U Slona bobsled track.
  • Having a dog with you in the resort is possible with respect to other visitors.


What is the weather like in your area at the moment?


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